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Table of Content

Chpt 1: The Lemonade Method - 1

Chpt 2: Identifying and Remembering Drink Recipes – 4

Quiz - 8

Chpt 3: The Basic Rail Setup - 9

Chpt 4: Levels of Alcohol - 11

Chpt 5: The Truth About Well and Premium Alcohol - 13

Chpt 6: Simple Basic Procedures - 15

Quiz - 20

Chpt 7: Basic Types of Wines - 21

Chpt 8: Basic Types of Beers – 25

Chpt 9: Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon - 27

Quiz – 28

Chpt 10: The Customer Service Aspect – 29

Chpt 11: Jedi Service - 31

Chpt 12: The Legend of The Bartender’s Ear – 33

Chpt 13: How To Sell - 36

Chpt 14: Be Creative – 40

Chpt 15: Tools of The Trade – 43

Chpt 16: Why Bartenders Hate Frozen Drinks!!! - 48

Chpt 17: Avoiding DUI’s and Fines – 50

Chpt 18: Flipping Your Real Estate – 53

Chpt 19: What To Expect From Bartending School - 56

Chpt 20: The Mystery of Knowing Alcohol - 60

Chpt 21 :Service Bar and Servers – 64

Chpt 22: What Makes A Great Bartender? – 67

Chpt 23: Why Isn’t Bartending A Real Career? – 70

Chpt 24: Hands Meet Soap! – 74

Chpt 25: Basic Recipes - 78

Chpt 26: Basic Bar Glasses - 87

Basic Alcohol Glossary - 90

Final Test - 92

Answer Key - 96

About Me

Hi! I'm Chuck Francis. I was born and raised in Boston, Ma. I first tended bar at the age of 14 at a wedding reception in 1984 and need to say, I was hooked.

I've bartend in multiple states and islands. I have trained well over 100 bartenders in my career and I see no reason to stop now.

I love bartending because the hours are flexible, you determine your worth and you can work anywhere in the world.

Married, divorced, job, no job, fail, no matter what, someone is going to see the Bartender.

Now, that's job security. lol



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Informative guide to making drinks, quick read, enlightening, fundamental bar knowledge

I learned so much from this book! It's a must-read for aspiring bartenders.

Sara Delaney
boy in brown collar top
boy in brown collar top

New York

This book exceeded my expectations. The quizzes and recipes were very helpful.

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a close up view of a camera lens
John Mercer

Los Angeles


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